Energy Diagnosis Readings

Discover and heal what is preventing you from being your healthiest and best self

Linda is a graduate of the Stillpoint Foundation as a Certified Intuitive Healer

As an intuitive, Linda receives images that represent the energetic imbalances and blockages that create challenges to your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. An Energy Diagnosis Reading identifies these imbalances, old beliefs, and negative energies that interfere with creating a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Vibrancy, wellness, and joy are the product of a natural healthy flow of energy, a flow that is disrupted by unhealthy thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs - disruptions that are generated by the mind but often masked in the subconscious. Energy Diagnosis identifies the thoughts and attitudes creating the imbalance so issues can be remedied no matter your illness, relationship, life challenge, or emotional/physical imbalance.

Working with Linda you will gain insights and understanding of the situation and alleviate the imbalance by creating a healing plan designed to help you help yourself.

Take control over your own physical, mental, and emotional well-being by bringing resolution to the issues and restoring healthy energy flow.

As it applies to your Work in the World, Energy Diagnosis makes it possible for you achieve your highest and greatest self by identifying your strongest strengths and assets providing a secure platform of confidence on which to build your success. Conversely, any weak areas can be identified and boosted. Armed with this sense of self-assurance and direction you will develop greater inner power and presence, enhanced creativity, and find the compass to your life’s purpose.

Mechanics of Energy Diagnosis Readings

A Note From Linda

Welcome, you’ve made the best possible decision to create the best you. I’m so pleased that you and I have connected and together we’ll discover your own power and beauty. Our lives are cycles of change and your reading allows you to find your greatest potential to achieve:

Using supersensory sight I see images that illustrate what’s occurring in your energy centers. I then interpret the meaning of the images as they correspond to the characteristics of each center using the Stillpoint model: your connection to your higher power, vision, joy and inner peace, relationships, your work in the world, managing change, and abundance.

Readings are done in advance when I can thoroughly and thoughtfully put together the inter-relationship of the images, identify subconscious blockages, confirm what is right and useful, and pinpoint new energy that is emerging in your life so you can confidently institute change.

We will then meet via phone to discuss what is out of balance and what constitutes your true balance so you can make adjustments. You’ll take away exercises and a plan of healing to help you move forward.

Our time together will mark a dramatic new beginning because you’ll have a clear direction and renewed confidence to take hold of a new and bright energy and face life’s challenges in a more dynamic way.

Send me your contact information through my contact page here or fill out an intake form here that provides me with background information. We can also chat about the process in advance if you’re more comfortable. Readings are $125 and payable in advance by check.

Personal coaching available.

“Learning how to change requires understanding how we go astray.” - Ellen Langer

Comments From Previous Clients

“I was overwhelmed but it’s more manageable now that I know the cause. I’m grateful to have a plan to move forward.”
“So clear and revealing (the images). It confirms what I need to work on and overcome.”
“I thought that episode was long forgotten but I can see how it has re-surfaced. Now I know where to start.”
“It’s not about closing a relationship. It’s about opening a path for new beginnings.”