Spin Straw to Gold

Illness, Adversity and Spirituality - Finding the Gift

posted 7/3/2017
“Blessed are the cracked for they shall let in the light.” – Groucho Marx

Yes, it’s been a while and in the interim my work has expanded, I’ve gone back to school to become a Spiritual Practitioner for the Centers for Spiritual Living and been asked to join the Leadership Council there. Teaching others to be self-empowered creators delights and inspires me.

As we become self-empowered creators our thoughts attract the energy of what we desire and we watch it unfold - it’s a dance we learn, a magical and fruitful frolic. This process continuously demonstrates for me. I used to be in awe and now I just chuckle knowing that this co-creative process is an intimate connection between me and the Universal Field, our constant dance together. That’s why I continuously echo Meredith Young-Sower’s words “Life is not what it seems. It is so much better.”

Adversities in life can be traded for faith and trust that the Universe is operating for your greater good.

So what happens when life challenges confront us and despair eclipses joy? Is the magic lost? Have we been forsaken? Maestros of the thought/energy/manifestation dance will tell you that life’s challenges and joy are not opposites of one another but each feeding the other in an ever-escalating ladder. For it is from the lessons of adversity that you achieve expansion, depth and higher consciousness.

“Every burden bears a gift, every challenge brings a treasure, and every setback hides a blessing.” – Mike Dooley

Adversities in life – physical or mental illness, injury, family, relationship or financial issues, bring disbelief and despair that can be traded for faith and trust that the Universe is operating for our greater good. There is a lesson custom tailored by a higher source that’s appropriate for this state of your growth. Approach the issue from your spiritual mind, put your intellectual mind in the back seat and open to the learning. Burst yourself open and begin:

  • Is this really a problem or is it just my perception? Am I being controlling or judgmental?
  • What can I bring to this experience that will enhance my personal power or higher consciousness?
  • What of my current strengths can I apply to overcome this issue?
  • Where is my thinking generating the energetic imbalance that’s creating blockages?
  • What perception, attitude or belief can I change that will reinstate the energetic flow?
  • Is there a different response to the situation that I can apply, even if it must be rehearsed?
  • Is this a shot across the bow, a harbinger that change is required?
“Illness and injury enter our lives as a means of the universal field talking to us, usually in the form of a lesson that is due. This lesson was part of your reason for coming into physical form, an agreement that you welcomed in order to achieve higher consciousness. And, in all probability, it has come to you before in different guises, starting with a subtle tapping at your door and now reaching the crescendo of the thud of debilitation.” – Penney Peirce

Can’t find the lesson? Where do you feel a ‘rub?’ Where is the friction, the energetic imbalance, lack of flow? Lose your ego’s necessity to ‘be right’ and do some deep and sometimes ugly looking into your soul where the lesson can be exposed. When you find it, it will flip you upside down, wash you with the blinding light of realization and reward you with another rung up the spiritual ladder.

With this revelation comes resolution. Bring the lesson to light and the path to healing or solving an issue is quick to follow as the clogged energy breaks free and energetic imbalance is restored. An instrumental heart-centered exercise to finding the lesson is included below.

One of my favorite authors, Caroline Shearer, shares in her book Where is the Gift?

“When we recognize our stories are representative of our challenges and that these challenges are solid guideposts leading us to greater peace and love then we are able to handle them better psychologically and emotionally and also transcend them more smoothly.”

“We will succeed. Learning is inevitable. The variable is the question of how long it will take us ….. when we don't notice, acknowledge or learn from the first sign then the signs get bigger and more difficult to ignore ….. signs are given to us first in very gentle forms but get louder and more difficult the longer it takes us first, to see them and then secondly, address them.”

I have no doubt that my ‘dark ages’ of cancer and depression were direct guideposts to my intuitive life and role as a teacher and spiritual leader. One of my first spiritual teachers, Ellen Tadd, taught me “The body is the teacher of last resort.” If you repeatedly refuse to find the lesson and make the necessary changes spirit will cause your body to break down and debilitation will force that change. Life’s challenges are always the universe talking to you.

During my cancer treatment I found great comfort in this quote from Speak the Language of Healing and share it liberally in my workshops:

“You may lose your breast, then your hair, and your dignity from time to time. But you will reach into a deep well of courage and strength you never knew you had. This is not necessarily a bad deal.”

From my heart to yours ….. find the gift, step into greater power, spin straw to gold, come dance

Finding the Lesson - Heart-centered Exercise

Groundbreaking research by HeartMath reveals that the energy field of your heart is 6,000 times more powerful than that of the brain and contains 40,000 neural cells. Our heart actually has a brain of enormous power and etheric knowledge that you can tap into easily and instantly.

Concentrate your focus on your heart. Your focus will intensify with physical touch by covering your heart with both palms or your thumbs with hands in prayer position. Bring in the attitude of love and feel the expansion of the higher frequency.

  1. First, give ample time to settle into the heart space.
  2. Bring the area where you feel friction or tension in life into your awareness.
  3. Ask your heart what thought, attitude or belief can you change, emphasis on ‘you,’ that will shift the situation? Am I stubborn, egotistical, avoiding or procrastinating, unworthy, powerless, afraid, or hanging on to jobs or relationships that no longer feed me? Can I do this internal work and let go of the outcome?
  4. Sink into this space until the lesson is revealed. With revelation will come resolution.

Be prepared, this emotional unveiling can be both expanding and disturbingly raw as it exposes outmoded beliefs. But the breakthrough it produces will bring a rush of new energy, expansiveness and awareness. Fill yourself with trust and find the bravery to see that this is not the ending but an awakening. As we face change and growth remember that trust is always the antidote for fear.

Chante Ishta – see with the light of the heart.

Energy and Wellness

posted 9/20/2015

It’s been 100 years since Albert Einstein’s revelation that we, in physical form, are really beings of energy existing in the sea of a greater universal energy field. His Unified Field Theory asserts that all matter is organized energy and the Theory of Relativity, E=MC2, states that energy and mass are the same and C represents the speed of light. Translation – if we were spread out at the speed of light we would be pure energy, the existence of mass is only an illusion.

Our understanding of the world is turned upside down. Our reality is based on the precept that we are solid objects existing in a void of air. But not so!

But changes in the beliefs that define our physical universe come slowly. Like Toffler’s Future Shock, it takes time for society to absorb a drastic shift in thinking. Pythagoras proclaimed that the world was round 2,000 years before Columbus brought it to acceptance.

But the science of energy is undeniable and increasingly is being recognized as the core element to our health and enjoyment of life. Energy doesn’t fit into the mindset of neat little boxes we’ve been taught. And although change is slow, the truth is that everything material and non-material is just energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even I must admit that if I hadn’t been desperately ill and beyond the reach of traditional medicine I’d still be in a maze of endless and expensive medical procedures vs. the free practice of mind management - directing our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes to produce healthy, flowing energy.

‘Whole’ healing means the integration of the body, mind, and spirit – spirit being represented by this power of our thoughts. And considering all aspects of preventative health: diet, exercise, stress reduction, nothing beats an attitude of positive expectancy that generates vibrant energy. An energy that prevents the imbalances that cause physical or mental dysfunction. One of my great teachers, Meredith Young-Sowers, points out, “You get sick from the outside in, but you heal from the inside out.”

An open and aware physician friend of mine recently remarked that, “Medicine based on energy is the medicine of the future and will be THE medicine of the decade. I only prescribe drugs because it’s in my job description.”

And I’m just a novice compared to the vast possibilities that exist but my mission is to be the Johnny Appleseed of energy wellness so others can avoid the physical and emotional suffering I endured. My heart swells when participants leave my workshops with their eyes glossy with the promise of hope and self-empowerment.

I encourage you to investigate the authors on my Resource page. Welcome to a higher level of realization, to a world that is round, Spin Straw to Gold.

“The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.” – Louise Hay