Ask Linda about her passion for wellness and she will glow. Her decade-long journey started as a cancer patient disabled by fear and depression and blossomed into her life’s mission to help others nurture wellness and become their best selves.

Linda’s failure to heal after treatment for breast cancer fueled her search to find the source of core wellness; that force that seeks to rise to the surface in all of us. After studying several alternative health modalities and wellness philosophies she found accelerated healing and joy in the new field of Energy Medicine, the integration of science and spirituality and the accompanying power of thought.

Studies led to energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden at the Omega Institute, the Barbara Brennan Hands of Light program, and the American Society of Dowsers, and she recently graduated from the Stillpoint Foundation as a Certified Intuitive Healer. Continuing education added Law of Attraction, Field of the Heart, and quantum mechanics. Coaches honed her clairvoyant skills and inspiring mentors collaborated and motivated.

Spin Straw to Gold, the second chapter in Linda’s life, was created as the vehicle to pass this knowledge to others who are also seeking to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Linda sees and feels energy fields and adds her personal flair by dowsing participant’s fields. Workshops include cancer retreats, aids projects, substance abuse programs, and motivational and spiritual groups.

In her first chapter Linda worked for a counseling program, spent the bulk of her career as the director of a regional Chamber of Commerce and later as the director of a small college. In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree she is a graduate of Leadership Vermont, the US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership Development and the American Society of Trainers and Developers Train the Trainer program.

Linda is a fifth-generation Vermont native and divides her time between Vermont and southern California.