From Ashes to Wholeness

Today I live in joy and wholeness and my transformation from ashes to glowing health is filled with gratitude and marvel. Cancer and depression had stripped me of my humanity and reduced me to a sack of bones. And from this place of fear and horror I reached to a higher power and stepped through a portal onto a sphere of extraordinary knowing and so can you.

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This has been my personal experience of success and I’ll show you how to find physical and mental wellness through a higher path also.

I left behind the breast cancer treatment assembly line and discovered a new avenue to wellness based in mind management and infused with love – a simple pivot of attitude away. I found self-empowered wellness through a guiding divine presence and the deep conviction of:

  • - letting go and accepting that existing healing practices weren’t going to work
  • - the trust that a deeper source of wellness exists and the determination to find it
  • - faith that Spirit did not intend for me to spend my life in this deplorable state and I would recover.
My success came from trust and perseverance and the gentle palm of a divine presence on my back gently but unfailingly guiding me forward.

Wellness is an Inside Job

My search began with anything and everything and narrowed to our foundation, the basic element of our universe – energy, the essential engine of our being.
New schools including Law of Attraction, HeartMath, Science of the Mind, Biology of Belief and epigenetics are forging inroads that are eclipsing our traditional thoughts on medicine and encouraging us to move from the “information age to the intuition age” and discover the infinite transformative power of our minds.

“We need to step back and incorporate the discoveries of quantum mechanics into bio medicine so we can create a new, safer system of medicine that is attuned to the laws of nature.” – Bruce Lipton

This is the renaissance that the health care industry has been waiting for – self-empowered, mindful people taking charge of their own wellness.

Become Self-Empowered

I enthusiastically embrace the role as the Johnny Appleseed of self-empowered energy wellness and pass the baton on to you. I am testimony to the success of this mind/body technique and you can be too.
     So join in, become empowered to help yourself, charge your batteries from a higher power, create magic from the ordinary   –   Spin Straw to Gold. Photo of Linda